AIR FRANCE KLM Procurement is dedicated to finding ways to reduce costs while optimizing productivity and quality. We therefore focus on suppliers capable of creating value within their own processes, among other reflected by securing access to innovation and enhancing attention for sustainability, which can be passed on to the AIR FRANCE KLM Group. A spirit of fairness defines how we interact and connect with our suppliers. Our approach is clear and mutually beneficial for all the parties involved.

Business opportunities
The AIR FRANCE KLM Group is always interested in finding new supply sources. Potential suppliers wishing to have their products or services evaluated or reviewed are invited to contact us by e-mail. For more information, please refer our contact details. During formal sourcing events, suppliers are only allowed to participate on invitation.

Supplier selection & Management
Overall Air France KLM Procurement works on more efficient relationships with our suppliers. All suppliers are treated fairly and without bias during the evaluation and selection process. We may employ multiple selection criteria depending on the internal requirements and market conditions, all aiming to create the best value offer for the AIR FRANCE KLM Group. Furthermore Air France KLM Procurement is working closely with a selected number of Key-suppliers. Key-suppliers are part of the Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Program which is aiming to deliver the best experience for our customers and the best competitive cost level for the Group.

The AIR FRANCE KLM Group expects all stakeholders in the procurement process to observe the highest standards of ethical behaviour. We expect business to be conducted in accordance with the AIR FRANCE KLM Code of Ethics  .
We expect our suppliers to conform to the same ethical standards and code of conduct.

Data Protection
Data protection is a vital topic for all involved. As Air France KLM we expect from you, as our supplier/data processor, to maintain the agreed set of procedural and technical measures for data protection. Protection of personal data is becoming even more important. Privacy legislation is becoming stricter and enforcement by data protection authorities  will become more visible, incorporating a breach notification obligation. More information can be found by clicking here .


e-Business : Being paperless is a key component of our development. Besides the environmental impact, e-Business supports efficient and effective processes. Wherever possible, we aim to integrate the use of e-Business Tools in our procurement processes. We are partnering with “SAP/Ariba ” for our supplier management- and sourcing-processes and with “Tradeshift ” to support the supplier-invoice handling.

Ecovadis : AIR FRANCE KLM Procurement is supported by “Ecovadis” and their CSR platform, to monitor the social and environmental performance in our suppliers' management process.