A general overview of the (Air France KLM related) FAQ’s can be found through the Tradeshift Support Center: https://support.tradeshift.com/home?ent=afklm 


Submitting Invoices

Q: What are the options to submit invoices through Tradeshift

A: For information on the various methods of submitting invoices please see the Tradeshift website

    (http://tradeshift.com/supplier/air-france-klm/  ).


Q: Is there a limit to the number of invoices that I can submit per day or week

A: There is no limit in the number of Invoices which can be submitted to Air France KLM.


Q: What are the validation-rules, used by Air France KLM to check invoices

A:  The specific Air France KLM Invoice validation rules can be found by clicking this link:  "eInvoicing Communication Kit"



Q: How long will it take to receive my payment on my invoice

A: Invoices will be made payable to your company after approval of your invoice and based on the contractual agreed Payment Terms.


Support & Contact

Q: Where can I find global information on the eInvoice options for Air France KLM

A: The eInvoice options can be found on the Air France KLM Tradeshift website under “Getting Started”

    ( http://tradeshift.com/supplier/air-france-klm/  ).


Q: I want my Air France or KLM invoices send through Tradeshift, how to start

A: “Getting started” on the Air France KLM (Tradeshift) website provides you with all information. Please click:


Q: I have a general question about eInvoicing, how to get in touch with Air France KLM

A: “Find Help” on the Air France KLM (Tradeshift) page ( http://tradeshift.com/supplier/air-france-klm/  ) will guide you to the mail-address of the Support Team or the Tradeshift Support Center.


Q: I have a question about doing business with Air France KLM, how to get in touch with an Air France KLM Procurement contact

A:  For doing business with Air France KLM please visit our Supplier Portal ( http://www.af-klm.com/procurement/en/contact/index.html  ) for contact information. 


Q: Where can I find more information on the Air France - KLM Procurement process

A: The Air France KLM Supplier Portal provides general information on the Procurement Process.

    Please visit http://www.af-klm.com/procurement/en/processes/index.html 


Q: Where can I find more information on supplier integration options with Tradeshift?

A: The Tradeshift integration options and implementation steps are described at http://integrate.tradeshift.com 