The AIR FRANCE KLM Group has a deep commitment to embedding sustainability in every aspect of our organization and supply chain. The group is committed to supporting and promoting the principles of the ‘UN Global Compact’ and to incorporating them into its strategy and day-to-day dealings with partners.

We believe that in order to become a truly sustainable airline, our suppliers must join us in this commitment, based on a shared set of values and principles. Therefore, as a baseline to building sustainable relationships, we require our suppliers to conform to our ‘Supplier Charter’ including, as appendix, the Supplier Code of Conduct. Charter and Code of Conduct sets out the standards and behavior we endorse in relation to ethics, social and environmental principles. It also forms part of AIR FRANCE KLM’s contracts.

Furthermore, from March 2013 onward, we have selected the Ecovadis  CSR monitoring platform to monitor social and environmental performance in our suppliers' management process.